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We are committed to empowering women in our community. How do we do it?

Chureca Chic is a social enterprise. We look for market opportunities to generate employment and social impact for women at risk. We invest in our community by donating to our NGO partner, XtraOrdinary Women (XOW) who empowers women by building capacity, training, following up, and monitoring their impact.

We factor in a donation to each Chureca Chic product in the actual costs of the product. This cost structure is public and can be found on our website. So with every purchase, a donation is secured for our community projects. We can, therefore, make regular donations throughout the year to XtraOrdinay Women, the donation amount is based on sales. Our sales targets are tied to our social impact goals. The donation is something you, our customer, makes happen because you believe in what we stand for as a brand.

Last year, 2019, we donated $7,605.89 to the NGO XtraOrdinary Women. We provided 30 women, who were not on our payroll with 130 hours of practical classes focused on subjects such as budgeting, sales strategy and business planning so they could grow their own businesses. Because we are committed to making real transformation happen in our communities and ensuring the best possible quality of life for the people along our supply chain.

Commitment to social change forms part of the very reason we exist as a business, it’s actually in our articles of incorporation. We set targets and milestones for our social impact just as we set sales targets. Job creation, safe working conditions, and fair wages alone are not enough to end poverty, poverty is much more complex. Because while our artisans may be in better conditions, while their community is not, it is hard for them to move forward and break cycles of poverty. As a brand therefore, we work to drive social change internally and externally, to build better futures for the communities we source from.

We focus on financial independence and employability for women at risk.

In Nicaragua, 60% of abused women have little participation in activities outside the home (IDB 2016). For women living in poverty and violence, a job is key to becoming independent. Many women in disadvantage lack the skills set to get jobs. They need alternative training. When they have a job, they need to know how to handle their finances. Chureca Chic is not the expert in capacity building but our partner NGO XtraOrdinary Women is.

Together with XtraOrdinary Women we pragmatically evaluate the level of impact we are having, against the needs of the community. As XOW runs and evaluates their programmes, they can adapt and innovate to meet the needs of the community to ensure long term, effective impact, and change for women.

We answer to you, our clients, and our community.

Where are these women that we sponsored in 2019 now? Each participant was provided with 2 – 6 months of personalized follow up by XtraOrdinary Women. In February 2020 84% had increased their sales and were taking home money at the end of the month for the first time, ever. Those that are still struggling, are receiving continued support from XOW.

This year 2020 has been a crazy year for all and, though our sales dropped, we still maintain our social commitment because it is part of our reason for being. So far, we have donated $2,000 to XOW which is being directed to support low-income entrepreneurs struggling to manage their businesses due to the economic impact of the COVID19 pandemic. Via video calls, an online learning platform, and vital mentoring from XOW they are making a plan to mitigate the crisis.

As a solid, committed partner we form part of building a future filled with equal opportunities for all. We believe that we can all be agents of change.

We believe in common dreams, in working hard and together towards them.

XtraOrdinary Women has been empowering women since 2010. Over 600 women have received free job skills training across Nicaragua. 95% of these women remain in employment today. This is only possible due to the donations they receive. If you would like to learn more about the work of XOW and support them please visit their website:



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