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Our pieces are handmade and made to order on a made-to-order basis. We are in the business of slow fashion. This means we do not manage stock, why?  Because we believe in decreasing overproduction within the fashion industry on both a brand and consumer level. So, your pieces are made specifically for you. 


We design small capsule collections that we promote for a limited time to bring you unique pieces, that are timeless statements of your individuality, fitting perfectly with your style and the lifestyle you live today, that carry our dreams for our communities' future.

We believe that every woman is capable of multiplying an opportunity and, that social entrepreneurship can provide a solution for the future to gender gaps, in poverty and in education



We are proud to showcase with our work that community can and should come first as an order of business, that local production is indeed possible and viable.

At least 40% of the sales price is a direct donation to our community projects with our NGO partner XtraOrdinary Women. 


We share our costs structure on our product pages so you and see exactly how much your purchase will donate to empower women in disadvantage in Nicaragua. 

Sustainability, for us, is not just a catchphrase, but the only way forward. We believe we all make the change happen for our community, we believe in a world of balance and opportunities and we work for that, every day.

Sustainably Sourced

We strive to use only upcycled materials. We use a minimum of 90% repurposed precious metals in each design. The sterling silver is recycled from old electronic devices in Nicaragua. For some collections we mix precious metals with our unique paper gemstones. A Chureca Chic signature, it's what we became known for; creating gems out of paper that last a lifetime, seriously. Made with 95% paper, they are made waterproof with a type of varnish (this 5% is not yet environmentally responsible yet ,but we are working on it!). Other natural materials such as wood, ceramic, may feature in our home decor range. These are also locally sourced in an environmentally responsible way, working with partner artisans across Nicaragua. 



Is handmade by our artisan partners at Etca. A group of talented women from the Nicaraguan pacific village of El Transito.  They use recycled fabric and locally produced cotton. Passionate about the environment, they support conservation projects with their sales.


Check out their work:

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