Your Linked Dreams piece is one of a kind, literally.
Made with 90% re-purposed materials; Chureca Chic’s paper gemstones are set individually in 925 sterling silver by GEO Designs. The silver has been extracted from old x-ray machines and cell phones. We use no moulds, no machines. Just the talent of our artisans and the love for what we do goes into each piece; showcasing our craftsmanship and art, exuding passion, sophistication and timeless quality.

The collection Linked Dreams is made upon request, only 200 pieces will be made.

With your Linked Dreams purchase, you provide a woman with a scholarship to attend a job-skill training course, cost free. 60% of your purchase is a donation to the organisation XtraOrdinary Women who run the courses.

Wendy Earrings

  • Every piece is unique, handcrafted and sourced responsibly and ethically. Our workshops are located in the centre of Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. We custom make the piece specifically for you, right after we receive your order. We have no mass inventory, our fashion is slow, and 'a la carte'. Once your payment is processed, it takes 4 - 6 weeks to create your Linked Dreams piece.  Throughout the handmade process we will be sending you regular updates from the workshop; you get to meet the artisans and learn about our techniques.

    We pour love, light and hope into each piece we make, we create works of art, just for you.

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