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Casa Chureca Chic, our flagship store

Casa Chureca Chic, was our headquarters in Managua, from February 2016 to August 2019. A Boutique & Café that we created with a lot of love and laughter. Where we exhibited our products and shared coffee, food, art, events, workshops and at one point we even had a co-work space. We built bridges and connections within Nicaraguan society through art. It was also the home of the NGO that we support with our sales: XtraOrdinary Women. The Casa Chureca Chic staff were all graduates from the XtraOrdinary Women training programme. Sales from all activities in our house helped raise funds for the NGO.

Though we closed the doors in Summer of 2019, the various projects continue to thrive. Our shop is now online, the Chureca Chic workshop continues and the NGO has opened an office in another location.

Thank you to everyone who made this house so special. Especially the team of extraordinary women. One day we dream of opening another house somewhere in the world.

We had a saying painted in our office that sums up everything experienced in this house and what is to come:

"To start a great project you need courage, to finish it you need perseverance."


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