What if dreams were shared?

What if dreams were linked to one another? What if an unexpected tragedy triggered a chain of positive events, that creates lasting change? ‘Linked Dreams’ is Chureca Chic’s latest collection, designed in collaboration with Geo Designs by commision of the Wendy Martinez Legacy Project.


It honors the memory and wishes of Wendy, a thriving woman taken too soon, with goals to empower and better the lives of disadvantaged Nicaraguan women.

With your Linked Dreams purchase, you provide a woman in Nicaragua living in at-risk situations with a scholarship to attend a job-skill training course, cost free. 60% of your purchase is a donation to the organisation XtraOrdinary Women who run the courses.


Women learn the practical and theoretical tools they need to go into a job for the very first time.  Empowered with a job and economic independence, it is the women themselves who can then break the cycles of extreme poverty and domestic violence they live in.  They can choose brighter, happier, self-sustaining futures.


We aim to empower 200 women, through the sales of this collection, with the opportunity to flip their odds. 

The Collection

Wendy Earrings

Wendy Necklace

Wendy Bracelet

Wendy Ring


Made by

Linked Dreams is a four piece collection of necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring, made out of recycled paper and repurposed silver with a social goal.


For this exclusive limited edition collection we teamed up with Georgina Vargas.  Georgina (right) is one of Nicaragua’s most recognised jewelry designers. Mixing upcycled silver with 24-karat gold vermeil and natural stones, Georgina creates elegant, noteworthy designs, entirely hand-crafted in Nicaragua. Her fascination with geometrical and asymmetrical forms resonates through her work. Her modernistic designs find inspiration in architecture, sculptures and modern art.



The Linked Dreams collection will consist of only 200 made-to-order pieces. 

Every Linked Dreams piece is unique, handcrafted and sourced responsibly and ethically. Made with 90%

re-purposed materials; Chureca Chic’s paper gemstones are set individually in 925 sterling silver by GEO Designs.

The silver has been extracted from old x-ray machines and cell phones.


We use no moulds, no machines. Just the talent of our artisans and the love for what we do goes into each piece; showcasing our craftsmanship and art, exuding passion, sophistication and timeless quality.  


We offer ‘a la carte’ fashion, we specifically make the pieces for our clients right after we receive your order. Once your payment is processed, it takes 4 - 6 weeks to create your Linked Dreams piece, during which you will receive regular updates on your order and the creative process.


The Linked Dreams pieces are on sale for a limited time only, until February 2020. For Christmas gifts please order by November 5th 2019. 

We are slow fashion. We pour love, light and hope into each piece we make, we create works of art, just for you.


Inspired by

Like Wendy, we believe in common dreams, in working hard and together towards them. We believe in spreading good, and in doing it in style. And, above all, we believe that no matter what... 

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